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  1. clusters

    Show related news to your users

    Related news is displayed with each article, so users can get more of the story, from a variety of news sources.

    The plugin automatically searches for related news and displays its findings next to each news articles.

  2. keyword-cat

    Create categories in seconds, using keywords

    Simply define keywords to create an entire category of news.

    For instance, if you’d like to split all news containing the keyword ‘Apple’ into its own category, you can do this very simply.

    It’s an extremely powerful way to create different categories of news and yet so simple to use.

  3. news-sources

    Display news from thousands of different sources

    News articles are crawled from the sources you specify and there’s no limit to how many sources you can crawl.

    All the news from all the sources will be aggregated and displayed within your website.

  4. clusters

    Automatically updates with new news

    The news will be updated automatically from the news sources you specify. The plugin searches for news articles from the sources you’ve specified and pulls in the latest news every few minutes, providing your website with a constant stream of news, all day everyday.

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